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Gardening Master Class for Youth

Gardening Master Class for Youth

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Youth Gardener = 1 Child

Family Pass = Up to 4 Children 

This 1-hour class is a perfect, hands-on experience for kids and parents together. I focus on building important life-skills through the fun experience of growing seeds. Your child will learn the same skills I use to achieve goals and a higher level of confidence. Your child will get the opportunity to plant up a variety of seeds and seedlings and learn the important steps to grow and nurture. We use 4+ learning styles to make this the best educational experience for them and match their way of learning. Let your kids experience the joy of achievement and learning life skills while watching seeds grow! Come join this fun, hands-on class your child is sure to gain a passion about!

We hope your child's personal growth matches the endless growth and potential of a seed!

Masks are required as well as safe and cleanly practices.

Classes currently located at Millcreek Gardens (3500 S 900 E SLC, UT 84106)

Limited spaces at each event.

All Parents Welcome (No Ticket Purchase Necessary)