Painted Lady Kit FAQ

Almost ready for Butterfly Season but have a few more questions? Here’s our most common FAQs to help you be ready for your spring kit! When you are ready, order here!

  1. When can I pick up my kit or refill cup?
    1. Our Drive Through Pickup starts Mar 21-23rd 10-4PM and Easter weekend Mar 28-30th  from 10-4PM. After Easter we will be open Mon Wed Fri from 10-4PM
  2. I ordered a kit to be shipped, when will it arrive? 
    1. Unless otherwise noted or communicated, all kits and cups to be shipped will be sent out March 25th, and should arrive a few days later right before Easter.
  3. Can I pick up before or after Opening Weekend?
    1. Yes! Call or email us to schedule pickup on any day. We have kits ready now if you want to get an early start, and we will have kits all summer long.
  4. When does the 20% sale end? 
    1. Sale ends March 31st at Midnight! Try to pick up kits bought on sale by the end of April, but no worries if you want to pick up later. 
  5. I’m traveling for Spring Break in the middle of April. What do I do about my kit?
    1. We would recommend waiting until you return from your trip to pick up your kit or have it shipped so you can watch them grow!
  6. Can I only do this in March and April?
    1. We have kits available all Spring until it gets cold in the Fall. Save your net and get a refill cup to do it again when you save!
  7. How long does it take to do a kit?
    1. It takes about 2 weeks for the caterpillars to reach full size, and another 10 days as chrysalis before they turn into butterflies!
  8. Do you have other kits besides Painted Ladies?
    1. PL kits are ready earlier than any other kit, but we will have Cabbage White kits soon, and hopefully Monarch and a few other kits as summer progresses. 
  9. What if it’s too cold to raise or release my butterflies?
    1. It will take about 3 weeks for them to be ready to release. If the weather is still cold, instructions are included on how to keep them safe until it warms up. 
  10. Can I keep my butterflies as pets?
    1. We definitely think the most magical part of the kit is the final release! They only live a few weeks, so we recommend releasing them soon after they emerge and you can order a new refill cup when you want to raise them again. 
  11. What other butterfly activities does Riverbottom offer?
    1. We have a Butterfly House rental to bring an immersive butterfly experience to you! It’s super easy and comes with 50 butterflies. More info is available here.
  12. Do you have butterflies for a memorial release or wedding?
    1. We have several different colors of adult butterflies for memorials, weddings, and other celebrations. Call or email us to go over more details, or view here!

If you are ready to order your painted lady kitorder here!