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Riverbottom Butterflies

White Butterflies for Memorials and Funerals

White Butterflies for Memorials and Funerals

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Celebrate the life of your loved one with an all white live butterfly release. The whites are special because their style of flying makes for our favorite release experience! They are very quick to fly up and create a cascading fountain effect! White butterflies also LOVE to find colorful flowers nearby and will often stick around to nuzzle nectar. White Butterflies can symbolize loved ones watching over us who have passed. Some people just love how quick the whites fly around and create a dazzling "butterfly fountain" effect. A very engaging butterfly to celebrate the life of those who aren't with us anymore. Perfect for funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life to honor and remember those who are gone but still in our hearts. 

Where can this butterfly be shipped? This butterfly is approved by the USDA to be shipped to all US states besides Alaska and Hawaii. All orders are shipped overnight the day before your event to make sure they arrive fresh and safe (just let us know the date you want your butterflies to arrive on next page in your shopping cart). Local orders can picked up the day of or day before. Generally available from March until October. Contact us for availability during winter months. 

How many butterflies should I order? If you are looking for a spectacular release experience, we recommend at least 50-100 butterflies for small to medium sized groups. This quantity creates a release experience that engages everyone present with a beautiful fountain of butterflies. For very small groups on a budget, you can create a wonderful experience with as few as a dozen butterflies. The more you get, the more you save! If you need a specific number, please order from the single white butterflies page, or contact us directly (minimum 10 butterflies).

When will the butterflies arrive? Funerals and memorials often are planned on very short notice. Luckily, butterflies are something you wont have to worry about. All white butterfly orders are shipped overnight to arrive the day of or the day before your event date- just let us know the date you want your butterflies to arrive on next page in your shopping cart, or contact us directly.

How are the butterflies released? White butterflies come in a centralized container, a beautiful white popup with an opening on the top. Whites are tough butterflies, but cannot usually be released in individual envelopes. If you want individual release envelopes, we recommend our Painted Lady or Mixed Butterfly Packages.  Very simple instructions are included to guide you through the release process.

Why do white butterflies? These butterflies, known as Cabbage Whites, are a naturalized butterfly found all over North America. They are the quickest and most exciting butterfly to release. They are excellent pollinators, and know what to do after they are released, Many will stick around the flowers for a while, and will eventually fly off and find a place to nectar, mate, and reproduce. For many people, white butterflies are the only butterflies they ever see, and we appreciate your support to release more of these beautiful pollinators during your celebration. 

If you want to see the white butterflies in action, we love them so much, we actually used them for our sister's wedding in April 2022. Here is a link to see what the release looked like (we gave our sister 200 white butterflies).  

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