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Riverbottom Butterflies

Mixed Multi-Color Butterfly Release

Mixed Multi-Color Butterfly Release

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The perfect celebratory experience is now available in multi-colored splendor! Mixed Butterflies include live Painted Lady and White Butterflies, and can by upgraded to include Red Admirals! Our signature ButterFlyerworks are perfect for special events such as:

  • Memorial Services
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays 
  • Weddings
  • Fireworks Substitute Shows
  • Other Holidays

Mixed Multicolor Butterflies give you the perfect combination of the elegance of the white butterflies dancing, and the painted ladies sticking around for selfies!

We handle and prepare the butterflies carefully for pickup or shipping and guarantee a 95% survival rate for all mass releases. All orders come with a free green mass release enclosure, and orders can up upgraded to a beautiful white enclosure for $15 (see pictures). Each butterfly is carefully packaged in a mass popup and is ready for release. Simple release instructions are included so you don't need to worry! 

If you want White Butterflies only, please order here.

If you want Painted Ladies only, please order here.

If you want a very specific number of Mixed Butterflies, please order here.

PLEASE ADD YOUR DESIRED PICKUP OR SHIPPING DATE AND TIME IN THE NOTES SECTION IN YOUR CART or contact us directly. Please specify if you want individual envelopes as part of your order. If you do not specify or contact us, we assume all mixed orders are for mass popup release. 

Final quantities of each species/color are limited to what is it stock and what is allowed to be shipped to your state. We may need to change your final order if certain species are not available. We may also upgrade your order if we have extras available! We will try our best to fulfill requests for custom amounts of each species. Available while supplies last. For any questions or special requests, contact us

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