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Riverbottom Butterflies

Cabbage White Butterfly Kit

Cabbage White Butterfly Kit

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Full Kit or Refill Plant

The perfect at-home activity to entertain and teach your family about natural life cycles, metamorphosis, and change–all through an exciting kit that can entertain kids and adults from caterpillar to butterfly! 

1 Kit includes (Refill Only Items are in Bold)

  • 5-8 baby cabbage white caterpillars
  • Plantable cabbage plant (caterpillar food)
  • Instructions for care
  • A reusable, 12-inch pop-up enclosure for releasing the adult butterflies
  • Butterfly coloring pages (provided upon request at pickup)

Cabbage Whites are knows for their fluttery style of flying out of the enclosure that makes for an exciting and more dramatic release experience than other butterflies.

It takes about 8 days on average for the caterpillars to reach the chrysalis stage, and another 8-10 days for them to emerge as butterflies. You can plan on the whole process taking 2.5 - 3 weeks from start to finish. If timing is a concern, you may place your order and pick it up later this Spring (just let us know in the comment box as you check out)!

Start Ship begins in April- notifications will be sent out when this product is ready for pickup, delivery, or shipment. 

This kit is available from Apr - Nov, weather permitting.

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